Industrial partner
for connected professionals


PRIMAL products

Manufacturer of connected data for more than 30 years, we design, industrialize and produce innovative devices dedicated to professional use.

The trademark of PRIMAL is quality : whether for the health industry (under the ATTENTIVE brand), for the environment (under the SOLEM brand) or for the pool industry (under the INDYGO brand). Our control of the entire industrial chain, from design to manufacturing, makes the difference for the satisfaction of the customers of our partners.

PRIMAL services

PRIMAL Pros services allow to develop the productivity of professionals everyday, from business platforms and applications dedicated to their uses.

Imagine new products together? Deploy new services quickly thanks to PRIMAL digital infrastructures and submit a strategic trend? This is the vocation of PRIMAL professionals services offer, with a final guarantee on the protection of your business data.



Our activities are integrated into a quality management system. SOLEM is ISO 9001 version 2015 certified for the design, industrialization, manufacturing, sale, shipping and after-sales service of connected electronic products.
All PRIMAL devices follow the europeans GDPR regulatory requirements., related to the protection of users data and their uses.
PRIMAL committed to environmentally friendly technologies, design, industrialize, produce and host its solutions with a permanent continuous improvement action of their impact on the nature.
PRIMAL committed for the direct protection of its customers data. All the data confided to PRIMAL do not use any Cloud service, are hosted in Europe and are not subject to any outsider commercial processing. 
Your data, your customers, your business: compare!
PRIMAL committed for compatibility and interoperability of its solutions for the primary interest of users. The open IPX protocol allows the compatibility of PRIMAL solutions with other manufacturers solutions.
PRIMAL supports its professional environment and landscaping customers by ensuring them a continuous technical support, by valuing their commercial activity and protecting their data for the satisfaction of their customers.
With the ATTENTIVE brand and the IMPACT Telecare programme, PRIMAL supports healthcare professionals at home by guaranteeing levels of quality and availability of services as well as the protection of their privacy.